June 14, 2017
Dear People of God at Trinity Church:

Scripture is clear about the importance of asking in order to receive and planning before engaging in any great endeavor. The common life of a faithful community starts with confident understanding of the assets and capacities available for the long road called mission. And this month Trinity enters such a discernment midway into our 200th anniversary year.

During the next two weeks, I ask you to make a commitment to meet with vestry leaders and others in the Trinity Church community at least once on a Sunday or another specified day to help decide if we are able to engage in a Capital Campaign marking our bicentennial in 2017.  Following are the dates for meetings in the Parish Library with lay leaders and fundraising counsel Skip Schlafer from James D. Klote & Associates:

Sunday, June 18th, following BOTH the 8:00am & 10:30am worship services
Monday, June 19th, at 7:00pm
Tuesday June 20th, following the 12:05pm liturgy in the Chapel
Tuesday, June 20th, at 7:00pm
Sunday, June 25th, following BOTH the 8:00am & 10:30am worship services

What will be asked of you? 
Three things: 1) your prayers for the vestry and all who will decide on the wisdom of a Bicentennial Campaign; 2) your openness to imagine Trinity’s mission of WORSHIP-SOCIAL JUSTICE-COMMUNITY(see mission logo on reverse) in a third century; and 3) your honest commitment regarding participation in such a campaign over a three to five year period.

It’s been some 12 years since Trinity last conducted a parish-wide and community based financial campaign for capital needs.  That campaigned positioned us to host the 75th General Convention of The Episcopal Church, and we have all benefited from the funds raised then.  Now we stand ready to move forward in “connectional mission” with our congregation, our city and state, and even with new friends beyond our shores.

Please plan to enter this exciting process of inquiry and fresh opportunities. By coming to one (or many!) of these gatherings you will help set the course of Trinity’s faithful story for a new day.

With my thanks for you and the blessings you share through Trinity, I remain

Yours in Christ,

Richard A. Burnett