His Palce Dinner

His Place Dinner at St. John's Town Street.


His Place Dinner

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Public Ministries
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In the Garden (ITG), a weekly worship & dining program, began in the spring of 2007 in the Broad Street garden of Trinity Episcopal Church On Capitol Square in Columbus. Beginning with 6 people and serving sack lunches of a sandwich and fruit, ITG now serves between 100 and 150 persons weekly, providing a worship service, nutritious and attractive hot meal, and community building. For 52 Sunday afternoons a year, a diverse group of persons from the homeless, minimally-housed, ex-offenders, and underprivileged citizens residing in or near the downtown Columbus area are hosted. Adult men and women, children and infants come to seek bodily and spiritual nourishment.
Many in the ITG community have become “regulars” and participate in organizing, serving, and cleaning up each Sunday. Some participate in the worship, providing music or poetry, witnessing, or reading Scripture. They are developing a sense of relationship, responsibility, and pride in what ITG does and stands for, and are eager to see the program expand.
Members of Trinity Church, and six other area churches provide and serve the meals (All Saints Episcopal, St. John's Worthington, St. Philip Episcopal, Faith Community Fellowship, Dublin Presbyterian, and members of Reynoldsburg Methodist Church).  Worship services are
arranged and conducted by Deacon Deniray Muelerl, with assistance from area Deacons and ministers.  During the school year the OSU Muslim Student Association brings up to 140 sack lunches weekly for ITG diners to take away for an additional meal.
You are invited to visit In The Garden any Sunday, volunteer when you can, and explore the love and fulfillment we all receive from association with this vital service and ministry to the downtown Columbus area.

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Trinity Street Ministry offers weekday assistance to our homeless neighbors.  Canned foods and clean socks and underwear are distributed as available each weekday from our Parish Office.  Rector's Administrative Assistant, Diane Donato coordinates this ministry and has recently been honored by the Columbus Coalition for the Homeless for her work.  Parishioners are encouraged to donate packages of new socks, underwear, and easy-open canned goods (pop-tops are best).


Diane additionally helps coordinate an ex-offender ID program.  When released from prison, ex-offenders are issued prison ID's that make assimilation into society very difficult.  This program helps them get regular state ID's.  Trinity's operating budget and a generous grant from ECSF (Episcopal Community Services Foundation) make this program possible.  But Diane's dedication and compassion make it work!

His Place Dinners at St. John's Episcopal Church, Franklinton, 1003 W. Town Street, Columbus, offers weekly dinners for the homeless and underprivileged community.  Trinity members serve regularly at these dinners.  Contact the Parish Office for the next opportunity to serve.


Trinity joins over 40 congregations in the Columbus metropolitan area that covenant in B.R.E.A.D.: Building Responsibility, Equality, and Dignity, to advocate for systematic changes in our community which will improve the quality of life for its most vulnerable members.

Diane Donato, Rector's Administrative Assistant, and great advocate for public ministry

Some of the faces of In the Garden:


In the Garden


In the Garden


In the Garden