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November 18, 2015

Sunday Worship Schedule
8:00 & 10:30 a.m.
In the Garden street ministry at 1:30 p.m.

Visit us online at


Serving this Sunday
November 22, 2015

Presiding & Preaching:

The Rev. Richard A. Burnett


8 Scott Steiner

Eucharistic Ministers:

8 Jeff McNealey

10:30 Susan McKinley


8 Steve Maher

10:30 Karen Sellman

Director of Music/Liturgist:

Kevin N. Wines


10:30 Scott Hoshor-Johnson

Altar Guild:
8 Rhoda Allen

10:30 Lori Dhiraprasiddhi

Floral Decorations:

Susy Meiling


8 Ken Leslie

10:30 Steve Maher
Coffee Hour Hosts:
Parish Life Ministry Team

In the Garden Lunch:

St. Philip Episcopal Church.



Sunday's Service bulletin
can be read online at
or it can be downloaded.
Click here.


Sunday's lectionary:
Last Pentecost (proper 29)

2 Samuel 23:1-7

Psalm 132:1-13

Revelation 1:4b-8

John 18:33-37




Support Trinity's mission in the city and the world


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Parish Calendar
Click this image for the
day-to-day schedule at Trinity Church.


If you have family events to share with us at Trinity please email pictures to Kevin Wines.


Trinity is


The Vestry & Wardens
of Trinity Church

Sr. Warden:
Patricia Rugola

Jr. Warden:
Joel Norris

Vestry Members:
Mary Gahbauer
Andrea Govan

Scott Hoshor-Johnson
Ken Leslie
Karen Peeler
John Redden
Brad Sturm
Amy Walch
David White

Bill Forbes


To reach any vestry member simply contact the Parish Office. Messages will be forwarded as desired.



Receive emails from the Diocese of Southern Ohio (e-Connections) to keep in touch with the wider church.  Click here to register.  Also be sure to check out the diocesan website:


Procter Camp

Procter Summer Camp info now available. Click the image above.



Trinity to serve at St. John’s His Place Dinner

Wednesday, November 18

Please consider helping with the dinner for those in need at Saint John’s Episcopal Church on Wednesday, November 18. The church is located 1003 West Town St. We will be cooking Wednesday afternoon at Saint John’s beginning around 3:00 pm. If you would like to participate later, please arrive as close to 5:00 pm as your schedule permits. Please know that any assistance you are able to offer is deeply appreciated. If you have questions or concerns contact Deborah Miller at  or Karen Peeler.

St John's

This Sunday, November 22, we celebrate Trinity Church with an ingathering marking the culmination of our Annual Giving campaign

If you have not done so, please bring your pledge card to Trinity Church this Sunday.

Annual Giving — 2016
As of November 17th we have received 61 pledges for 2016, totaling $175,780, including 5 new pledging units (families).  This represents 72% of the $242,476 pledged for 2015.  There were a total of 95 pledges last year.

2015 Annual Budget —
Where We Stand
Budgeted pledges for 2015 — $234,000
Anticipated pledge receipt through Nov. 17th — $204,750
Actual pledge receipts through Nov 17th  — $194,595
(This is 95% of the total pledged and currently is $10,155 less than expected by this date)

Please make every effort to bring your pledge payment up to date—or even exceed your promised offerings.

Our beautiful building is a huge part of who we are at Trinity.

The City of Columbus required that an inspection be done at Trinity that identified 22 hazardous conditions. We are required by the City to repair those hazards. The quote for making all of the repairs is just over $28,000. The Vestry and the Endowment Committee believe that funding these exterior repairs is the responsibility of the entire congregation, not of the endowment.
Trinity’s elected leaders have responded with joyful generosity to this crisis, pledging a total of $8,000 toward the repairs. Now we are asking those of you who are able to respond with equal generosity. Please write “Exterior repairs” in the memo line of your check.

Please consider your gift prayerfully.

Click this image to make your pledge online.


Trinity Church School Newsletter

available here.



In this season of “giving”, and with the support of the Trinity congregation, Trinity's Church School students will share the Christmas Joy with their pen pals at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Robert’s Port, Liberia, and with the Ebola orphans supported through PIMIL: Partners-in-Ministry-in-Liberia.  The loose change offering of the Sunday services of November and December will be donated to buy gifts for the children.  We ask for your generous support.  Thank You!
- Rachel Friend, Director of Christian Formation


10:30 a.m. Coffee Hour Hosts are needed for remainder of year...


coffeePlease visit the online doodle poll to select the Sunday(s) you would like to host coffee hour following the 10:30 a.m. liturgy.
For those who are hosting Coffee Hours, you should know that a number of items you might needs are available in the unlocked "Coffee Closet” in the Undercroft. If you know of any supplies you would like to have available in the coffee closet to make hosting easier, please tell Karen Peeler and she will see that they are provided. Thanks for Hosting!

Memorial service information:


The liturgy in memory of Bob Roberts will be held

Tuesday, December 8 at 3:00 p.m. in Trinity Church


The liturgy in memory of Bill Form will be held

Saturday, December 12 at 2:00 p.m. in Trinity Church

Sunday Morning Parking
[$30 tickets possible - so use the free code below]

A positive new arrangement has been made with the LAZ surface parking lot next to the YWCA for our use on Sunday mornings.  The lot is accessible from Lazelle Alley, Capital Street, and 4th Street.
Free parking is available on Sunday mornings.
Trinity worshippers will need to enter a code into the payment kiosk and receive a parking slip which is to be placed on your dashboard.
To receive a slip from the kiosk:
Touch any button then select Trinity Episcopal, then enter the code 1013.
On-street parking remains free on Sundays at meters. Be aware that weekday and Saturday meter times have been extended to 10:00 p.m.


coverTrinity Bulletin Cover Archive

Nearly 4 years worth of past bulletins are available online here. Simply follow this link and scroll down. Each image links to that week's bulletin.


Disposable Diapers are always in demand

Please don't forget our neighbors on the street. Candles, diapers, and new dry socks are essential for this time of year. We have many weekday requests for snacks and canned self-opening food items as well. Remember to save hotel toiletries from your travels. All donations are greatly appreciated.

flowersAltar Decoration Memorials

If you would like to place a flower memorial or thanksgiving in the Sunday bulletin, contact Diane Donato in the Parish Office via email or at 221-5351.  A donation of $50 is suggested, but any reasonable amount will be accepted.  Only a few dates are spoken for currently. An album of altar decoration has begun online. Click this photo to see more.


We remember all who work for peace around the world, and especially this day we pray for our nation and other international partners discerning war and peace and wisdom in this time of terror and violence. Remembering friends and family members related to this community, we pray for Petty Officer Kristy Sizemore, Cynthia Epler, Matt Schumann, Captain Scott Whaley, Gunnery Sergeant Robert A Griffith Jr., and all who serve our country.
For peace in a war torn world, especially in Syria; and for women, children and men who journey for freedom and seek refuge from conflict. May God give us compassion and greater courage to offer hope and help to refugees and all in need.
We renew our commitments to serve the neediest and most easily forgotten in our midst and remember all who are homeless and hungry in our city today.  We give thanks for the generous hospitality offered this afternoon at In The Garden, and pray for the Holy Spirit’s abundant grace in our fellowship.
We pray for all who are sick or suffering at this time – Doug Nolan, Ava Guglielmi, Mary Beittel, Jonie Johnson, Cliff Miller, Dick Oman, Dave Mozano, Pauline Austin,  Jan Heston, Frances Bennekamper, Gayle Nash, Jayla Kennedy, Sharon Whaley, Hal Duryee and others whom we name silently or aloud.


Altar Guild - Andrea Govan, Vestry Liaison (VL), Rhoda Allen, director—Prepares the altar for Holy Eucharist and maintains the altar and linens.
Buildings & Grounds - John Redden, VL, Alan Sheppard, chair—Oversees the maintenance of the Church facilities, and considers improvements to our interior and exterior space.
Christian Formation - Joel Norris, VL, Rachel Friend, chair—Develops the Christian education programs for adults and youth.
Communications - Scott Hoshor-Johnson, VL
Community Ministries - David White, VL, Karen Peeler, chair—Develops and participates in programs reflecting Trinity's mission to the community.  Works closely with the In the Garden leadership team.
Endowment - Joel Norris, VL, Jeff McNealey, chair
Finance Committee - Patricia Rugola, VL, Bill Forbes, chair
Future Trinity - Joel Norris, VL, Bill Mains & Bill Bronson, Chair—A mission-oriented invitation to our downtown Columbus neighborhood(s).
Leadership Development - Patricia Rugola, VL, Richard Burnett, chair
Parish Life - Scott Hoshor-Johnson, VL, Paula Redden, chair—Plans social activities for the parish throughout the year.
St. Margaret’s Pastoral Care Circle—Andrea Govan, VL, Mary Gahbauer, convener - Offers support for fellow congregation members in time of need.
Personnel - Ken Leslie, VL, Richard Burnett, chair
Stewardship - Brad Sturm, VL, John Redden, chair—Nurtures and develops year 'round giving of time, talent, and treasures of parishioners.
Worship, Music & Arts - Amy Walch, VL, Kevin N. Wines, chair—Participates in structuring worship services and plans special music, concerts, and evening services.
For more information or to join any of these Ministry Teams, please speak to the team coordinators, the Rector, or call the Parish Office 221-5351.

Trinity Episcopal Church on Capitol Square
125 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 221-5351; fax (614) 221-3716