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April 2, 2013

Trinity Welcomes Bishop Fred Borsch
Saturday, April 27, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Save the Date for a Saturday discussion session centering on Bp. Borsch’s book “Day By Day: Loving God More Dearly” which focuses on the prayer of Richard of Chichester(13th  century):

Day by day,
Dear Lord, of thee three things I pray:
To see thee more clearly,
Love thee more dearly,
Follow thee more nearly,
Day by Day.


Adult Formation—

Sundays, April 7 through 21 at 9:15 a.m. in the Parish Library,
will introduce the book and prepare us for the discussion. 
All are welcome to attend.

BorschFrederick Houk Borsch (born September 13, 1935) was the Episcopal Bishop of Los Angeles from 1988 to 2002, then served as interim dean of the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale University and Chair of Anglican studies at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. Remembered particularly for the development of Spanish-speaking congregations, the founding of the Episcopal Urban Intern Program (Episcopal Service Corps), his leadership in environmental stewardship, the building of the Cathedral Center of St. Paul, and advocacy for poverty-wage workers and the living wage while bishop in Los Angeles, he also served for twelve years as the Chair of the House of Bishop’s Theology Committee and as a member of the design and steering teams for the 1988 and 1998 Lambeth Conferences, chairing the section “Called to be a Faithful Church in a Plural World” in 1998.  Working with the Standing Commission on Human Affairs, he helped the General Convention of 1994 to include in the church's canons sexual orientation in the non-discriminatory clauses for ordination.

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Serving this Sunday
April 7
, 2013

Presiding & Preaching:

The Rev. Richard A. Burnett


Bob Saik

Eucharistic Ministers:
8 Mary Gahbauer

10:30 Debbie Wiedwald

8 Jeff McNealey

10:30 Bart Smith

Director of Music/Liturgist:

Kevin N. Wines


Bill Bronson

8 Jeff McNealey

10:30 Bob Griffith
Altar Guild:
8 Rhoda Allen

10:30 Lynn Giljahn

Floral Decorations:

Kent A. Phillips

Coffee Hour Hosts:

Susan & Scott McKinley

Nursery Volunteer:

Sarah-Grace Heller

In the Garden Hosts:

Debbie Wiedwald &

Bill Bronson

Sunday's Service bulletin
can be read online at
or it can be downloaded.
Click here.


Sunday's lectionary:
Easter 2

Acts 5:27-32
Psalm 118:14-29
Revelation 1:4-8
John 20:19-31


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Parish Calendar
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day-to-day schedule at Trinity Church.


If you have family events to share with us at Trinity please email pictures to Kevin Wines.


Trinity is


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Procter Summer Camp info now available. Click the image below.

Procter Camp

coffee hour


Coffee Hour hosts are needed!

Please sign up online here.


Thank you to the people of Trinity Church (and especially Kent Phillips) for the generous Easter Brunch! Because so much delicious food was "left over", we had a suitable snack for our In The Garden folks on Sunday afternoon! We had not planned a meal, since so many other places in town were serving Easter Sunday, but instead we planned to provide light snacks, coffee, and a movie. Well, nearly 75 showed up, and so with some ham biscuits ( thank you, Lori Dhiraprasiddhi!) cookies, and bounteous portions of Brunch casseroles, no one left hungry! We showed the Zefferelli JESUS OF NAZARETH, and a blessed afternoon was had by all!
Thanks also to Darren and Catherine Meyer and friends, the Trinity Vestry, Trinity Endowment Committee, and Harriet and Scott Donaldson who have provided delicious meals lately for ITG! We are also joined in April by Faith Fellowship Church who will begin providing meals every other month! Jeus' providing loaves and fishes for thousands is coming true again, in a blessed way! Thanks to you all!
ALSO: we are working to become a location for the Ohio Benefits Bank beginning in June, so if anyone has a laptop computer that they would be willing to donate to ITG, we would be most grateful. At this point we will provide this service on Sundays during our regular hours, but if demand increases, we may try to add another day; it is likely we could use up to two laptops---so if it is time for anyone to buy a new computer, remember In The Garden before you dispose of your old one!!



Please don't forget our neighbors on the street. New dry socks are essential for this time of year. We have many weekday requests for snacks and canned self-opening food items as well. Remember to save hotel toiletries from your travels. All donations are greatly appreciated.

It's Time to Collect Valuables

It’s never too early to make donations for this spring’s German Village Valuables sale on May 18.  Items can be dropped off at the Church or contact Kent Phillips or Bill Bronson for pickup details.

flowersAltar Decoration Memorials

If you would like to place a flower memorial or thanksgiving in the Sunday bulletin, you can now sign up online here, or contact Diane Donato in the Parish Office via email or at 221-5351.  A donation of $50 is suggested, but any reasonable amount will be accepted.  Only a few dates are spoken for currently. An album of altar decoration has begun online. Click this photo to see more.



Prayer Coalition against Violence

April 7 at Trinity Church

Click the image for complete details


National Workshop on Christian Unity

Holding their national conference in Columbus, April 8-11

Ecumenical Worship at Trinity Church

Wed., April 10, 6:30 p.m.

Find info here


ECSF Chocolate Fest 2013

Find info here



Trinity Church School

Thanks to all who donated to the School Supply Project. We collected 2 large suitcases of materials which Madeleine Trichell will deliver. We'll share photos after her trip.
Do you have a rocking chair? Is it gathering dust? Would you donate it the Trinity library to make a cozy seat. We have a number of young families who might prefer to sit there when needing a calm time during services. Right now, they tend to hang out in the Narthex. Having a welcoming rocker in the library might help brighten their morning. If transporting the rocker is a problem, contact Dale Deubler, 614-291-0055.


We pray for all who are sick or suffering at this time – Amelia Lewis, the Rev. Paula Jackson, Jennie Treasure, Katherine Hope Jones, Quenten Fabiano, Linda Jones, Dan McKinney, Cynthia Callaghan, John Austen, Sr., Patricia Caldwell,  Debbie Smith, Elijah Todd,  Michael McKinley, Zane Burchfield, Bob Park  and others whom we name silently or aloud.
We pray for Seaman Kristy Olmstead, Captain Andrew Saik, Capt. Brian Smith, Cynthia Epler, Jordan Sellman, Ted Abad, Matt Schumann, Commander Scott Whaley, Specialist Michael A. Martin, Gunnery Sergeant Robert A Griffith Jr., and all who serve our country.
We remember all who work for peace around the world, especially in Nigeria, Syria, Egypt, Iran & Israel, and Afghanistan.
During these days of self-examination and repentance, we renew our commitments to serve the poorest in our midst and remember all who are homeless and hungry in our city today.  We give thanks for the generous hospitality offered this afternoon at the In The Garden, and pray for the Holy Spirit’s abundant grace in our fellowship.
Birthdays:   Joel Norris, Delaney Casey, Frances Sanders, Calley Schmalz
Anniversary:  John & Paula Redden


Some Vestry Liaisons will change soon.
Stewardship - Darren Meyer, VL—Nurtures and develops year 'round giving of time, talent, and treasures of parishioners.
Buildings & Grounds - Nick Tepe VL, Alan Sheppard, chair—Oversees the maintenance of the Church facilities, organizes periodic "spruce-up days" and considers improvements to our interior and exterior space..
Worship, Music & Arts - Bill Mains, VL, Kevin N. Wines, chair—Participates in structuring worship services and plans special music, concerts, and evening services.
Christian Formation - Joel Norris, VL—Develops the Christian education programs for adults and youth.
Community Ministries - Sharon Whaley, VL, Bill Bronson, chair—Develops and participates in programs reflecting Trinity's mission to the community.
Altar Ministry - Rhoda Allen, chair —Prepares the altar for Holy Eucharist and maintains the altar and linens.
Pastoral Care - Judy McKissick, VL, Mary Gahbauer, convener - Offers support for fellow congregation members in time of need.
Future Trinity - Mark Lewis VL, Bill Mains, chair - A mission-oriented invitation to our downtown Columbus neighborhood(s)
Personnel - Don Galbraith, VL, Richard Burnett, chair
Leadership Development - Debbie Wiedwald, VL, Richard Burnett, chair
Communications - Nick Tepe, VL, Mark Lewis, chair
Finance Committee - Debbie Wiedwald, VL, Bill Forbes, chair
Endowment - Bill Mains, VL, Jeff McNealey, chair

Trinity Episcopal Church on Capitol Square
125 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 221-5351; fax (614) 221-3716