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June 3, 2015


Sundays at 8:00 &10:30 a.m.
and In the Garden at 2:00 p.m.

During June we continue our two-service schedule for Sunday mornings.
Summer Worship Schedule with one combined liturgy at 9:30 a.m.
will start on July 5 through labor Day weekend

Visit us online at


Serving this Sunday
June 6, 2015


The Rev. Richard A. Burnett


Patricia Rugola


Scott Steiner

Eucharistic Minister:

8 Jeff McNealey

10:30 Scott Hoshor-Johnson


8 Larry Burton

10:30 Catherine Cheek

Director of Music/Liturgist:

Kevin N. Wines


10:30 Bill Mains

Altar Guild:
8 Rhoda Allen

10:30 Andrea Govan

Altar Decorations:

Susan McKinley


8 Don & Judy McKissick

10:30 Jerry Sellman

Coffee Hour Hosts:

10:30 Church School Students

In the Garden meal by:

Dublin Presbyterian Church


Sunday's Service bulletin
can be read online at
or it can be downloaded.
Click here.


Sunday's lectionary:
2 Pentecost (Proper 5)

1 Samuel 8:4-20; 11:14-15

Psalm 138

2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1

Mark 3:20-35





Support Trinity's mission in the city and the world


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Parish Calendar
Click this image for the
day-to-day schedule at Trinity Church.


If you have family events to share with us at Trinity please email pictures to Kevin Wines.


Trinity is


The Vestry & Wardens
of Trinity Church

Sr. Warden:
Patricia Rugola

Jr. Warden:
Joel Norris

Vestry Members:
Mary Gahbauer
Andrea Govan

Scott Hoshor-Johnson
Ken Leslie
Karen Peeler
John Redden
Brad Sturm
Amy Walch
David White

Bill Forbes


To reach any vestry member simply contact the Parish Office. Messages will be forwarded as desired.



Receive emails from the Diocese of Southern Ohio (e-Connections) to keep in touch with the wider church.  Click here to register.  Also be sure to check out the diocesan website:


Procter Camp

Procter Summer Camp info now available. Click the image below.


Worship, Music & Arts summer event schedule

A number of arts outings have been scheduled for this summer, including the Columbus Museum of Art, Ballet Met, Actors' Summer Theatre and others. Click here for complete details.

This Sunday, June 7—following the 10:30 am liturgy (12:30pm)
Columbus Museum or Art—Free
Fabric of Survival: The Art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz
a tour directed by the exhibition curator.

more details here

Trinity welcomes our new Seminarian Scott Steiner

SteinerDear Members of Trinity,
My name is Scott Steiner and I am honored to be your seminarian intern for the 2015-2016 school year.  I will also be around this summer, especially on Sundays.
I am a Candidate for Holy Orders in the Diocese of Michigan and will be going into my senior year at Bexley Seabury Seminary. 
My wife (Katie) and I were married in August of 2004 and we have two children (Rachel, age 5 and Collin, age 3).  Katie and I both grew up in southeast Michigan. We lived there until I started seminary.  Katie is a physical therapist, though she presently is a stay-at-home mom.  Prior to entering seminary I worked as a registered nurse, first in the emergency department and then in hospice & palliative care.  I am a sports fan, and have a particular interest in baseball and automotive racing.
My family and I look forward to being a part of the Trinity family. 
See you soon.
~ Scott Steiner

Adult Formation
Sundays in June at 9:15 a.m. in the Parish Library

A Month of Sundays about Formation

· June 7 - Life-long Formation for Mission, the Rector
· June 14 - Trinity’s Children’s Formation, Rachel Friend, Trinity’s director of Christian Formation
· June 21 - Formation & Catholic Social Teachings, Mark Huddy, Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus
· June 28 - Procter Camp: A Place of Formation, The Rev. Craig Foster, dir. of Procter Conference Center


Fund-raiser: Organ Stop Drawknobs

With the recent repairs to the Casavant organ console, all of the drawknobs were replaced. Commonly called "Stops," these are the triggers for all the different sounds created by the instrument. Each is labeled describing the sound or function of each stop. (e.g. "Chimes" pictured here) A complete list of the labels is here.
We've converted them into keychains and are making them available for purchase, asking $25 each in this fund-raising project. Please contact Kevin Wines to place a request. First-come-first-served for each stop. Key chains will be available for pickup on Sundays.


MortarBoardLet’s celebrate the graduates in your family 

Contact Diane Donato with their information: name, school, plans, etc., 221-5351.

Sarah Blackburn graduated from The Ohio State University earning a BS. in Education.  She will be teaching 5th grade in Gahanna this fall.
Kathryn East, Rich Giroux’s granddaughter, graduated from Ohio Dominican University with s Bachelor of Science.
Robert Hill, Trinity Church’s parish seminarian for the past two years, graduates from Bexley-Seabury Theological Seminary
Cara Cincione, granddaughter of Judy & Don McKissick, graduated from Grandview Heights High School yesterday.  She will be majoring in Theater Arts at Purchase College, State University of New York, in the fall. 
Hunter Schmalz graduated from Grandview High School and is headed to college in the fall.
Cynthia Morton Epler was honored to be the commencement speaker for the  Columbus School for Girls on June 4th
Brynn Baldetti graduated from the Fisher College of Business (MBA) at The Ohio State University

Acclaimed Columbus Artist Aminah Robinson dies at age 75

read more here



Disposable Diapers are always in demand

Please don't forget our neighbors on the street. Candles, diapers, and new dry socks are essential for this time of year. We have many weekday requests for snacks and canned self-opening food items as well. Remember to save hotel toiletries from your travels. All donations are greatly appreciated.

flowersAltar Decoration Memorials

If you would like to place a flower memorial or thanksgiving in the Sunday bulletin, contact Diane Donato in the Parish Office via email or at 221-5351.  A donation of $50 is suggested, but any reasonable amount will be accepted.  Only a few dates are spoken for currently. An album of altar decoration has begun online. Click this photo to see more.

coffee hourCoffee Hour Hosts are Needed

Please visit the online doodle poll to select the Sunday(s) you would like to host coffee hour following the 10:30 a.m. liturgy.
For those who are hosting Coffee Hours, you should know that a number of items you might needs are available in the unlocked "Coffee Closet” in the Undercroft. If you know of any supplies you would like to have available in the coffee closet to make hosting easier, please tell Karen Peeler and she will see that they are provided. Thanks for Hosting!

Introducing St Peter's Netmakers

Are you interested in knitting, crocheting, crafting, and fellowship? In honor of St Peter, patron saint of netmakers, the Pastoral Care Circle is assembling a casual gathering to "knit" together friends in Christ and in service.
The group would be open to crafters of all types, and even those who just want to come together for pastries and friendship.
If a fun, easygoing group to craft with appeals to you, follow this link to fill out this two-question St S for planning our first gathering, and pass it on to anyone you know, from Trinity or anywhere else. ALL are welcome!
Questions or concerns? Contact Emily Pucker at or 313-515-1982.


PIMLPartners-In-Ministry-In-Liberia celebrate the 10th Anniversary at the 6th Annual International Fundraising Luncheon and Silent Auction on July 11th at 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm. At St. John's Worthington.
To donate items to the silent auction or buy ads contact:
David White – (614)-327-8273;
Debbie Wiedwald – (614)-332-0296;
Dale Deubler – (614)-313-3253;
Rachel Friend – (919)-723-7781.

Exploring Prayer in Art: An Open House Event

A unique opportunity to interact with local artists as they express their spiritual life through various media. Ticket sales support the EFM scholarship program and building maintenance. Tickets are $10 in advance and at the door. More here.
Sunday, June 14
Come when you are able and stay as long as you can.
St. Edward’s Episcopal
214 Fairway Blvd., Whitehall


We remember all who work for peace around the world, and especially this day we pray for our nation and other international partners discerning war and peace and wisdom in this time of terror and violence. Remembering friends and family members related to this community, we pray for Petty Officer Kristy Sizemore, Cynthia Epler, Matt Schumann, Commander Scott Whaley, Gunnery Sergeant Robert A Griffith Jr., and all who serve our country.
Today we pray for peace throughout the world, especially in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Iran.
We renew our commitments to serve the neediest and most easily forgotten in our midst and remember all who are homeless and hungry in our city today.  We give thanks for the generous hospitality offered this afternoon at In The Garden, and pray for the Holy Spirit’s abundant grace in our fellowship.
We pray for all who are sick or suffering at this time –Jack Wiseman, Bill Form, Jim Hobbins, John Wagner, Dick Oman, Elizabeth Lilly,  Joanne Lynch, Dave Mozano, Pauline Austin, Leelah Acorn, Marie & Keith Duty,  Jan Heston, Frances Bennekamper, Gayle Nash, Jayla Kennedy, Josh McKinney, Sharon Whaley, Hal Duryee,  Bob Park and others whom we name silently or aloud.
Birthdays: Shawn Snead, Bill Form, Sarah Hixon-Reed, Rachel Friend
Anniversaries: Andrew & Karen Minton; Mark & Catherine Cheek; Richard & Sharon Whaley
Altar decoration are given today to the Glory of God and in Memory of Acheson H. & Anne M. Callaghan and Cynthia Callaghan


Altar Guild - Andrea Govan, Vestry Liaison (VL), Rhoda Allen, director—Prepares the altar for Holy Eucharist and maintains the altar and linens.
Buildings & Grounds - John Redden, VL, Alan Sheppard, chair—Oversees the maintenance of the Church facilities, and considers improvements to our interior and exterior space.
Christian Formation - Joel Norris, VL, Rachel Friend, chair—Develops the Christian education programs for adults and youth.
Communications - Scott Hoshor-Johnson, VL
Community Ministries - David White, VL, Karen Peeler, chair—Develops and participates in programs reflecting Trinity's mission to the community.  Works closely with the In the Garden leadership team.
Endowment - Joel Norris, VL, Jeff McNealey, chair
Finance Committee - Patricia Rugola, VL, Bill Forbes, chair
Future Trinity - Joel Norris, VL, Bill Mains & Bill Bronson, Chair—A mission-oriented invitation to our downtown Columbus neighborhood(s).
Leadership Development - Patricia Rugola, VL, Richard Burnett, chair
Parish Life - Scott Hoshor-Johnson, VL, Paula Redden, chair—Plans social activities for the parish throughout the year.
St. Margaret’s Pastoral Care Circle—Andrea Govan, VL, Mary Gahbauer, convener - Offers support for fellow congregation members in time of need.
Personnel - Ken Leslie, VL, Richard Burnett, chair
Stewardship - Brad Sturm, VL, John Redden, chair—Nurtures and develops year 'round giving of time, talent, and treasures of parishioners.
Worship, Music & Arts - Amy Walch, VL, Kevin N. Wines, chair—Participates in structuring worship services and plans special music, concerts, and evening services.
For more information or to join any of these Ministry Teams, please speak to the team coordinators, the Rector, or call the Parish Office 221-5351.

Trinity Episcopal Church on Capitol Square
125 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 221-5351; fax (614) 221-3716